The Bot is Gone!

Note: Nothing in the article is investment advice. And only invest what you can afford to lose in any project.

We don’t like to complain, but AiCoin has been living in bot hell for the past 4 or so weeks since launch.

A “bot” is not an actual robot. It’s a bit of code written by a clever yet arguably unethical investor. The code automatically scans mainnet for new token launches matching a set of parameters. As soon as the bot detects a contract that matches these parameters, it buys. All of this happens within seconds (or faster), and all of it happens before any public announcement is made.

These bots often buy hundreds Million of tokens, sometimes many each day. Most of the tokens don’t gain value, so the bot spends money for nothing. But some of them do.

Here in is the problem. The bot owner does not care about the projects in which they own tokens. All they care about is maximizing profit at the expense of the project owners (us, in this case) and the investors (that’s you).

Most projects don’t survive. Every time market cap grows, the bot will sell, knocking the project back again and again and again. This happened to AiCoin (for a complete list of tokens the bot in question owns, see here). If you’ve been following our Telegram, you’ve no doubt seen us discussing this ad nauseam.

Here’s our message to the bot owner: we do not like you. No one does. You profit off of hundreds of projects across BSC, stealing money from legitimate investors. You are bad for the ecosystem, and we don’t wish you well. The AiCoin team is building technology to break your tech. You’ve been warned.

The future Ailaunch platform will have anti-bot measures. Let’s be clear. Most projects fail because of malicious bots like these. It’s only thanks to you, our investors, and the hard work of our team that we made it through to the other side.

Now that we’ve overcome this hurdle, the future is a lot brighter. We know that market conditions right now aren’t ideal, but we’ll get through that, too.

Thank you for your continued support. Now let’s burn some AiCoin tokens to celebrate!!!



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